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Selling a home to us will always be much faster than a traditional sale with a real estate agent. When you sell by listing on a regional Market Listing Service your buyers will normally get a home loan. That takes for ever. The banks make your potential buyers jump to fire hoops.  And if the banks not happy the sale does not go through making you waste time.  Sell to us. Sell your home today.

what do we offer

A quick sale for your home.

We go the extra mile to make sure you can sell your house without hassles. Our real estate investing philosophy is for us to do things right, the first time and every time. SO you can rest assured that we will work with a title company to make sure all paperwork gets done right. We typically pay all closing cost sot that analyzing our offer is as easy as putting on a hat or petting a happy dog. Lets close on your house quick! Call us today!

where to find us

One Call can get your property sold

When you call us we can give you lots of information including how much we are willing to pay for your particular home. If you like what you hear with us on the phone then we can move to step two. We send our local home buyer to go inspect your home very quickly. The actual pre-inspection takes about 7 minutes. Once we asses the actual condition of your home we can give you an exact number. If you like everything then we can sign a real estate contract.

We buy houses just like yours!

We are fast and friendly local business owners. We buy with discrestion so you never have to worry about privacy. We show up in unmarked vehicles and we do not go mingle with neighbors like some of our competitors do.  We treat you how we would like our elderly fathers or mothers treated. Respect, care, and compassion. Let us make you a cash offer.

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